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Bloggers Meet-up – Crazy for Good – The Coca-Cola Export Corporation

This meet-up was organized to create hype for the Crazy for Good campaign, launched in 2013 by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation. Some prominent elements of this meet-up were:

  1. The venue – Tushan Beach
  2. RJ Khalid Malik – the moderator of the event, who kept audience very well engaged
  3. Crazy and refreshing activities conducted by Khalid
  4. The Customized Cupcakes
  5. Sand Art
  6. The Giveaway – Canon A810

This was the second bloggers meetup done by Coca-Cola. The original idea and execution was by Asiatic Public Relations. The results were phenomenal. Total 11 blog-posts were published for this campaign. On the day of the meet-up, approximately 22,000 accounts were reached on Twitter and 375,000 impressions were created. Total Reach achieved for this campaign was 191,407 with 740,031 impressions generated.

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