Asiatic Public Relations Network (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi – Lahore – Islamabad


Job Title:
Senior Manager Client Services

Client Services


Salary Range:
Market competitive

Job Category:
Public Relations

Position Type:
Full time

Reports to:
Director Client Services, CEO

Job Description

Key deliverables: (key responsibilities/tasks)

  1. Identify, innovate and execute business ideas to improve service delivery and improve client retention ratio of the company.
  2. Play an active role in hiring, training, supervising and appraising a team of client service associates to assist the client servicing team in business functions.
  3. Conduct training seminars so that clients receive maximum benefit from a company’s services and resolve any issues.
  4. Interact with various departments, providing input that is used to create sales proposals, improve services and streamline business operations.
  5. Try and raise the retainer fee charged to the client by a percentage discussed and approved by CEO on an annual basis.
  6. Proactively try to generate additional revenues for the company, either through identifying and developing value-added services for the client(s) being handled, and/or through proactively identifying new business opportunities for the company.

Key activities: (to perform the job)

  1. Presenting the PR strategy to the client as a Power Point presentation and an accompanying detailed Word document, making amendments as required and finalizing the strategy with client approval.
  2. Executing the strategy once it is approved and monitoring, recording and reporting the progress and the learnings.
  3. Planning and executing events, acting as the chief event manager.
  4. Ensuring media monitoring and daily / periodic reporting to client of media coverage of client and client-agreed topics of interest.
  5. Carrying all interactions with various vendors in relation to client’s work.
  6. Ensuring timely receipts of payments due to the company from the client(s) the CSM is handling and from others for cases or projects the CSM is handling or has primary responsibility for.
  7. Keeping himself/herself fully abreast of day to day developments in the client organization and the client’s field of business, including in the industry, competition, governmental regulations and other influencing factors.
  8. Keeping himself/herself fully up to date at any point in time, on important social, economic and political developments in the country, region and globally, especially all such developments that directly or indirectly affect the client(s) being handled by the CSM and the company itself and its overall business.
  9. Networking and socializing on a regular basis with influencers and especially the media with a view to building up a strong, wide and diversified network of contacts and connections that are of support and assistance in the execution of work, with the mandatory proviso that all such activity will be in line with the highest legal, moral and ethical standards, written or otherwise.

Behavioral responsibilities:

  1. Belonging to the upper management cadre, the SM-CS is expected to be a role model for all members in the Client Servicing department and even for other work colleagues. This primarily implies a strict adherence to the Company’s Terms & Conditions of Employment document in its entirety.
  2. The SM-CS will exhibit due respect and deference to all employees in the Company and execute to his/her best ability any and all tasks assigned by the CEO.
  3. The SM-CS should put in his or her best efforts to guide any member of the company for work related matters.
  4. The SM-CS will not commit the company either verbally or in writing or in any other manner, financially or otherwise, without the written approval of CEO of the company.
  5. The SM-CS is expected to practice exemplary behavior in all external interaction, especially with clients, vendors, other agencies, the media and others.
  6. While the private life of any company employee is not directly of concern to the company, the SM-CS will ensure that he/she does not indulge in any activity or behavior in his/her private life that brings disrepute or defamation for the company or its clients.
  7. The SM-CS will at all times speak and act obeying the laws of the country and in accordance with acceptable social behavior and following highest moral and ethical standards and respecting the liberty, rights, ethnicity and religious and cultural beliefs and practices of others.



  1. The SM-CS should hold a Master Degree in Mass Communication or related subject, preferably from a foreign university.
  2. The SM-CS should possess managerial skills and at least 4 years prior experience in the field of PR or a related field.
  3. The SM-CS should also have previously managed a team of 3 or more.
  4. The SM-CS should additionally be able to give lectures, conduct workshops and training and act as moderator of group discussions.


Personality characteristics:

  1. An extremely pleasant personality.
  2. A creative bent of mind.
  3. Leadership qualities.
  4. Clear, analytical thinking.
  5. A refined sense of dressing.
  6. A systems approach.
  7. Good time management.
  8. Great personal discipline.
  9. A determination to continually strive for excellence.
  10. A high sense of responsibility.
  11. Dedication to work.
  12. Unquestionable honesty & integrity.

Interested candidates can send their updated CVs at: info@apr.com.pk