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Coca-Cola Book Bank Activity

The activity was first launched at Karachi Literature Festival 2015. Old glass-fronted visi-coolers of Coke were converted into Book Banks. People were invited to donate text books or any other books they no longer need. Each donor was rewarded with complimentary Coke in exchange of books and a certificate of appreciation.

The second phase of the activity was launched on International Literacy Day, 2015, in Karachi. Supply truck of Coke was converted into mobile Book Bank. Mobile Book Bank collected books from various spots of Karachi including Press Club.

Books and Funds Collection

In the first phase of the activity at KLF 2015, 2000+ books and PKR 50,000 were collected which were then donated to The Citizens Foundation.

In the second phase of the activity, 1500 books were collected in one day. Rotary International also took interest in the activity and announced to donate 10,000 books for underprivileged schools. 55 people submitted online forms for donating books.

Social Media was used as the primary platform for dissemination of the communication. An animated video was launched through Coca-Cola’s Facebook page. Communication was sent out to social media influencers about this activity who participated by spreading the word through their social platforms.

The video organically received 660 Likes, 187 Shares and 27 Comments. The hashtag #CokeBankABook and the Twitter handle of Coca-Cola Pakistan, @CokePK, both were trending in Pakistan on September 08, 2015. Total number of Posts about Coke Book Bank on Twitter and Instagram were 2,654, reaching out to 1,023,163 accounts and generating9,177,644 impressions. Original idea and execution was by Asiatic Public Relations Network. Following is what people said on twitter:







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