Asiatic Public Relations Network (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi – Lahore – Islamabad

TBL – Triple Bottom-line

In January 2008, APR brought out Pakistan’s first (and still only) knowledge-based, CSR focused publication, the bi-monthly TBL – Triple Bottom-line, with the Vision: “To steadily facilitate the germination of sustainable visions for organizational growth, sharing specific triple bottom-line knowledge and tools.”


A total of 19 issues of TBL have been published, with original content from over 65 specialized contributors from more than a dozen countries. These include world renowned institutions working in the CSR space.  Each issue of TBL is based on a CSR-related theme. The issues have focused on subjects such as the global food crisis, eco-efficiency, ‘hydroethics’, good governance and media responsibility.


A year after the publication’s launch, the website www.tbl.com.pk was launched, and already it has received visitors from over 180 countries! This fact has now led us to believe that the way forward for TBL is to migrate to be a dynamic, real-time online platform. At the same time we are progressing to expanding the TBL platform to undertake CSR / sustainability trainings and consultancy work, while creating new opportunities for people in the CSR space to network with each other.

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